Message from the CEO

Energizing Japan through
marketing and entertainment!
Energizing Japan through
marketing and entertainment!

Providing fine crafted, verifiable marketing skills to a vast array of companies, businesses, and industries to revitalize Japanese society: this is Katana.

We realize sustainable growth with the power of marketing

Strengthening “marketing ability” at its essence is one of the most important elements for corporations in competitive market environments.
We dispatch top marketers and professionals from various fields to client companies to support long-term business development, not only tackling immediate problems, but also transferring advanced marketing know-how to the client.

What is necessary is the “fishing rod and techniques”: the abilities that enable you to fish yourself

The existing consultancy model, which only provides solutions to issues the client faces, does not establish marketing as a power in the client’s arsenal. If you want fish, outsourcing the fishing process continually is not a fundamental solution – what is necessary is the “fishing rod and techniques” that enable you to fish yourself. For that purpose, Katana has accumulated “the means to transfer know-how”. We will support you all the way through formulating the organizations and training necessary to foster marketing in your company.

A Systemized Marketing Method

As proven with the restoration of USJ, along with the many other achievements of Katana, corporations can continue growing through the fostering of a deep-rooted culture of marketing conveyed through the workforce, the installation of an organizational operation system that leads to appropriate decision-making, and the development of a marketing organization from a consumer-focused perspective. I have burnished the marketing knowledge that I have built to this day, and systemized them as the transferrable “Morioka Methods.” Its true value is apparent in the continued flourishing business achievements of USJ, years after I left.

Leading to the energization of Japan's society

We sometimes act as the right-hand man of a determined leader in a client corporation, or sometimes place ourselves in the client as an interested party, working towards business growth and business creation.
Along with supporting clients with marketing knowledge, we also strive to contend with social issues by producing new values with capital investments and through our own business operations.
Katana aims to be the weapon of Japan on the competitive global stage by endeavoring to energize Japan through marketing and entertainment.

President and CEO Tsuyoshi Morioka